·        Reviews of  Mobility Enhancement, Safety and infrastructure work

·        Digitization of Railway Land Records

·        Installation of In-Motion Electronic Weigh Bridges

·        Emphasis on improvement in  Punctuality

·        Emphasis on increasing of freight loading & Earnings

Sh. Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager Northern Railway held a review meeting with the departmental heads of Northern Railway and with DRM’s through video. The GM emphasized that Safety is the prime & utmost concern over Railways and no laxity will be compromised towards maintaining the tracks, rolling stock, signaling and electric. He directed all the departments to keep regular monitoring of the punctuality and mobility enhancement works. He also instructed to keep vigil to minimize the rail/weld fractures.  

 He reviewed the work done over the zone in improving the maintenance standard of track, welds and removal of scrap lying near the tracks. He instructed the divisions to expedite the disposal of Scrap.

On improving the infrastructure the GM said that, greater focus should be on the Level crossings. They should be revamped and road surfaces should be improved. Moreover the road users should be sensitized not to cross the lines when the LC gates are closed. He instructed the all concerned that the quality of construction work should be maintained at highest level and any kind of laxity in quality will not be tolerated.    

Sh. Ashutosh Gangal, General Manager Northern Railway, emphasized upon the digitization of Railway Land Records to curb and check the encroachments of Railway Land. He also reviews the condition of weigh bridges and progress of Installation of Electronic In-motion Weigh Bridges for better monitoring of freight loading.

Northern Railway is committed to provide safe, smooth and efficient services to its customers.

(EW correspondent)