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Deputy Chairman Chairs Meeting to Ensure Seamless State-Level Program

Prominent officials attending the meeting

Sanjay Pandey, Ranchi : To ensure the success of the upcoming state-level program at Morhabadi Maidan scheduled for December 29, 2023,  Rahul Kumar Sinha, the Deputy of Ranchi, chaired a crucial meeting today at his office chamber in Samaharnalaya. The meeting aimed to discuss and finalize preparations for the grand event, titled “Your Plan, Your Government at Your Doorstep.”

During the meeting, Deputy  Rahul Kumar Sinha provided comprehensive instructions to all concerned officials to guarantee a smooth and well-organized program that is expected to draw thousands of attendees under the open sky at Morhabadi Maidan.

The Deputy emphasized the importance of meticulous arrangements, including seating, drinking water facilities, restrooms, and overall cleanliness around the event venue. He directed Municipal Corporation officials to oversee these arrangements to ensure the comfort and convenience of all participants.

The state-level program holds a significant objective – the distribution of assets among beneficiaries of various government welfare schemes. Deputy  Rahul Kumar Sinha instructed officials to finalize the list of beneficiaries promptly and ensure seamless arrangements for their arrival and catering from different districts.

In the interest of broader outreach, the Deputy underscored the importance of live telecasting the program and directed officials to provide an ample number of LED screens. Security measures, parking facilities, and departmental displays also came under the purview of the Deputy’s instructions.

Prominent officials attending the meeting included  Chandan Sinha, the Varied Police Superintendent of Ranchi, and  Dinesh Kumar Yadav, the Deputy Development Commissioner of Ranchi. Additionally, various district-level officials from different departments contributed their insights and received directives for their respective responsibilities.

As the date for the state-level program approaches, the meticulous planning and attention to detail showcased in this meeting indicate a commitment to hosting a successful event that fulfills the government’s welfare objectives while ensuring a positive and comfortable experience for all attendees.




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