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Workshop on Technical Accessibility for Persons with Disabilities Held

Ranch, EW News : A one-day workshop on technical accessibility was organized under the supervision of the Chief Electoral Office on Tuesday. District Information Science Officers and District Public Relations Officers from all districts, along with technical officers from the headquarters, were trained to transform election-related websites, web pages, and social media platforms to ensure digital accessibility for voters with disabilities.

Experts from Mumbai’s XRCVC and accessibility experts from Delhi conducted training sessions for officials from various districts during the workshop. Chief Election Officer Shri K. Ravi Kumar, inaugurating the training, emphasized the efforts to make all election-related platforms easily accessible for voters with diverse disabilities, in addition to physical amenities like ramps, wheelchairs, home voting, etc.

He highlighted ongoing initiatives to enhance digital accessibility, urging officers to make websites of both the state headquarters and all districts user-friendly for persons with disabilities. The training sessions provided in-depth understanding of various technical aspects.

Deputy Election Officer Sanjay Kumar managed the program, with OSD Ms. Geeta Chaube expressing gratitude. Specialized experts invited included Mr. Ketan Kothari, a senior specialist from Mumbai’s Xavier Resource Centre for Visual Challenges, Sushil Pandit, and corporate lawyer and subject specialist Mr. Amar Jain from Delhi.

The workshop was attended by District Electoral Officers, District Public Relations Officers, and technical staff from headquarters




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