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ICAR – turns the prime minister’s promise into reality.

Fish farming is more service to nature than business

Amit pandey, Dehradun

The eagerly anticipated three-day training program, organized by the esteemed Directorate of Indian Agriculture Research Service (ICAR), is all set to commence on Monday, 9/10/2023, in the captivating town of Champawat, nestled in the pristine region of Uttarakhand. The grand inauguration will be graced by the presence of the distinguished Seema Bangwal, a revered figure as the Senior Treasury Officer of Champawat under the Uttarakhand government. With impeccable eloquence, she emphasizes the paramount importance of fish processing units in doubling the income of our revered farmers. With unequivocal conviction, she asserts that fish cultivation serves as a noble endeavor and a lucrative business opportunity alike. The ability to safeguard this rarest of Himalayan species is undeniably an invaluable contribution to our environment, and the potential to earn from this noble endeavor is equally commendable. Thus, she passionately urges the paharis to seize this auspicious opportunity and make relentless efforts towards this noble work.

The ICAR has played a pioneering role in ushering in the Green Revolution and subsequent developments in agriculture in India through its research and technology development that has enabled the country to increase the production of foodgrains.This training program is expected to convert many of the ideas and innovations from the grassroots to the value added products and generate wealth for innovators, and value for society. These technologies will also generate livelihood options for the youth and self- help groups in rural areas said by the Col. Rakesh Pathak, Graf Unit ,Indian army.

Dr. Kunal Kishor A.R.S. (Agriculture Research Scientist) passionately emphasizes our integral role in the conservation and propagation of indigenous fish species such as Trout, Rainbow Trout, Assela, Mahasir and Barrelius bagra. Empowered by our headquarters, we not only focus on breeding these magnificent fish but also extend our expertise to train farmers encountered with challenges. It is through this concerted effort that we strive to ignite the interests of maximum individuals residing in the picturesque pahar region, gradually transforming their involvement in fish farming from mere marginalization to resounding success. With unwavering determination, I took it upon myself to uplift these fish farmers, ensuring that they received the necessary support and guidance at every step. The results have been nothing short of remarkable, witnessing significant growth and evolution in this sector. In an exclusive conversation with ” EW”, I pledged to channel boundless energy and enthusiasm, propelling the future of fish farming towards unprecedented prosperity.

Why is fish farming not popular in the Himalayan region? He  passionately explains the complexities surrounding Trout farming, a cold water fish that thrives in the stunning Himalayan terrain. Despite its superior taste and nutritional value, Trout faces certain obstacles due to a lack of awareness and high price. Nevertheless, Kunal remains undeterred and works tirelessly to create an export order that will benefit farmers directly.  Trout farming has gained significant momentum in recent years, with farmers enjoying handsome returns.

Dr. Rajni pant, senior scientist of Krishi Vigyan Kendra, Dr. Vivek Joshi, professor of Botany and Dr. Garima was chaired to train and motivated the farmers.




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