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Police gave laptops and mobiles to meritorious and helpless students

Fifty smartphones and one laptop, collected free of cost, were distributed in the third distribution ceremony for the online education of meritorious and helpless students and girl students through ‘Simdega District Police Equipment Bank’.

The Simdega District Police Equipment Bank was established for the first time in Simdega Police Station located at the Simdega District Headquarters. These days most of the essential services have been made online. Among them, educational services are important. Most of the classes and examinations are being done digitally and online. But in order to access online services, availability of smartphone, laptop and desktop computer on the other hand, broadband or mobile data network is necessary. Today, the meritorious students and girls without means are probably not available and despite their will, their studies are getting stalled. Under ‘community policing’ to solve digital inequalities, local citizens and families who change the models of their smartphones, laptops, desktop computers in a short period of time and they often remain unusable in homes or use hazardous chemicals. They pollute land and water in the form of electronic waste. Implementing this unique thinking of the Director General of Police, Simdega Police has started ‘Simdega District Police Equipment Bank’ at the police station level and district level through community policing so that the meritorious students of the district without resources will get access to smartphones. As part of the participation of the general public of the district, by making a special request to voluntarily deposit their old smartphones and laptops in the ‘Equipment Bank’ of their respective police stations and OP areas, it is widely publicized by all fifteen (15) station in-charges and others. The OP was done at the level of in-charge.

Enlightened citizens have started giving new smartphones openly in place of their old smartphones. It is a very pleasant experience for the police.

(EW correspondent)



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