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Samrat Chaudhary should follow decorum while giving statement: Shravan Kumar

  • The people of the state will be made aware through Bhim Sansad: Sunil Kumar

Alok Nandan @ EW News

While talking to the journalists in the program, Rural Development Minister Shravan Kumar said that the Bharatiya Janata Party itself only does fraud, hence it sees fraud in the caste census also. The caste census has been done with complete transparency. It has been an old habit of BJP to make allegations without any proof and facts.

Responding to a question regarding Samrat Chaudhary, he said that he is the state president of a national party, he should follow decorum while giving statements. Regarding the post of Prime Minister, he said that right now the cleanliness campaign of BJP is going on, in 2024 when BJP will be completely cleaned, then the top leaders of India Alliance will sit together and decide the Prime Minister.

On Home Minister Amit Shah’s visit to Bihar, Shravan Kumar sarcastically said that whenever Amit Shah comes to Bihar, he comes empty handed and leaves after making a barrage of statements. While giving information about Bhim Sansad, Prohibition Minister Sunil Kumar said that on November 5, people of Dalit community from all over the state will gather in the ground of Veterinary College, Patna.

The main objective of this event is to make everyone aware of the work for Dalit upliftment under the leadership of Chief Minister Nitish Kumar. Also, the way BJP is ignoring the Dalits today, it is tampering with the Constitution of Babasaheb Bhimrao Ambedkar and is bent upon abolishing reservation. Dalit community will be made aware on all these subjects. He said that we are continuously visiting the area and inviting many people to this program.

Minority and Water Resources Minister Jayant Raj said that Upendra Kushwaha has no need to worry about JDU and Nitish Kumar. He should worry about himself and his team. Our party is completely united and strong. Countering the statement of BJP state president Samrat Chaudhary, he said that Nitish Kumar has been active in the politics of the country and the state for the last 46 years.

Even the country’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah do not have such long experience in politics, therefore, Samrat Chaudhary should collect correct information before giving any statement.

Legislative Councilor Sanjay Kumar Singh “Gandhiji”, State General Secretar Arun Kumar Singh and Lokprakash Singh were present in this program.



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