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Virtual Platforms Launched for Court Hearings Across Three Districts in Jharkhand High Court

Palamu, EW News: Chief Justice Sri Sanjay Kumar Mishra Jharkhand High Court inaugurated online platforms for virtual hearings across three districts to facilitate court proceedings efficiently. The virtual platform launch ceremony took place at Jharkhand High Court, marking a significant step towards modernizing the judicial system.

The districts of Palamu, Dumka, and Pakur in Jharkhand will now benefit from the virtual platform for court hearings, allowing litigants and legal professionals to participate remotely. Chief Justice Justice Sanjay Kumar Mishra inaugurated the virtual platform during an online ceremony attended by judges, advocates, and other legal professionals.

The initiative is part of the efforts by the Jharkhand High Court to leverage technology for the swift dispensation of justice. The Computer and Digitization Committee, as per the directions of the High Court, has established virtual service centers in the three districts, enhancing accessibility to legal proceedings for residents.

Speaking about the launch, District and Session Judge Neeraj Kumar Shrivastav of Palamu highlighted that the introduction of the virtual platform would enable residents to participate in court hearings from their respective districts, eliminating the need for physical presence.

Palamu District Court has already prepared and initiated the operation of the virtual platform in coordination with the Computer and Digitization Committee. The Family Court’s Principal Judge, Martand Pratap Mishra, and other legal dignitaries expressed their readiness to embrace the virtual system for conducting hearings efficiently.

The launch event was attended by various legal luminaries, including District and Session Judges, the Secretary of the District Legal Services Authority, and representatives from the Bar Association. The Chief Justice emphasized that the virtual platform aims to streamline legal proceedings and enhance access to justice for citizens.

As Jharkhand High Court continues to embrace technology, the virtual platform’s implementation is expected to significantly reduce the geographical barriers to legal proceedings, ensuring a more inclusive and accessible judicial system for the people of Palamu, Dumka, and Pakur districts.

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