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Start Up India : Success Stories

Start-Ups are undeniably the growth engine of Indian economy. It has became a Trillion-Dollar Catalyst for country’s Economy. In the dynamic landscape of global economies, India stands out as a beacon of innovation and growth, thanks to its vibrant startup ecosystem. According to an estimate, By the fiscal year 2029-30, Indian startups, including the revered unicorns, are expected to inject a staggering $1 trillion into the Indian economy, a significant milestone given the projected size of the Indian economy at $7 trillion by 2030. This revelation underscores the critical role startups play in the nation’s path to becoming an economic powerhouse.

Seeing its important role in shaping nation’s future, The Emerging World is coming forward with inspiring stories behind the success of start-ups in India. There are several dreamers who have defeated all the odds coming in between their pursuit to success. So if you are a mentor, inspirator, designer or brain behind the success of any start up, you are most welcomed in this column. So tell us your inspirational struggling story to the aspiring lots, who can follow your footsteps in future. Here in this column we have the inspiring success story of Rita Shukla Co-Founder The Mothers Cook

Nourishing the Body and Soul: The Mother’s Cook

Transitioning from college to the corporate world can present considerable challenges, particularly when upholding a healthy way of life. We may forget home-cooked food in college because then we have many friends & many options available. However, the moment we step into the corporate world, everything changes. Working hours become erratic, and we eat randomly, skip meals, or dine out often. From the comfort of our homes, we always had meals on time and never worried about quality or hygiene. But once we enter the corporate world, we realize the value of homemade food. I am Rita Shukla, co-founder of The Mother’s Cook, and I am passionate about sharing my love for cooking with the world. As a devoted homemaker and mother for over three decades, I have always found solace in the kitchen. However, my life took an unexpected turn when I lost my beloved husband to cancer, leaving me feeling lost and alone. Driven by my own struggles and inspired to help others, I embarked on a journey that has taken me from a home cook to a business owner. Along the way, I have faced challenges, learned valuable lessons, and gained a new perspective on the role of food in achieving one’s goals. Join me as I share my story of resilience, perseverance, and the power of food to transform lives. In 2015, my elder son started his job in Delhi after graduating. He was diagnosed with typhoid 10-15 days later. The doctor attributed it to food poisoning from eating street food somewhere.

Although he recovered, he fell ill with typhoid again soon after. Despite hiring a maid, there were still issues with meal planning and preparation, and we realized that he needed proper and hygienic meals to stay healthy. The doctor suggested he find a way to get more nutritious meals or work from his hometown. I visited my son in Noida and noticed his health improved significantly after receiving timely meals and proper hygiene. However, there were times when the maid didn’t show up, and he had to eat from expensive restaurants to maintain hygiene and healthy food. Then again, in 2017, my younger son faced similar issues while pursuing Law Entrance coaching. At times, the maid wouldn’t show up, and even if she did, the food she cooked wasn’t always healthy, nutritious, or tasty. It was a challenging time for us as a family, but we persevered and cared for each other.

In 2018, my world turned upside down when my husband was diagnosed with cancer and had to be admitted to a private hospital. It was a scary and overwhelming time for both of us. During his 18-20 day hospital stay for the operation process in Rohini, we faced the same food-related issue that so many families do in these situations. Despite the presence of caring relatives, the outside food they brought was either too costly and unhealthy or cheap and unhygienic, oily or salty. It was a challenging time for both of us. We were already dealing with overwhelming emotional stress, and worrying about his food quality only added to our burden. We were both worried about his health, and we knew that the food he consumed significantly affected his recovery.

We tried to manage the situation as best, but it was not easy. Having no control over the food quality brought in, it was frustrating to see him struggle with his meals. I faced a devastating tragedy when my husband passed away at age 54. As a result, I found myself alone and struggling to cope with his sudden loss, with my two sons living far away chasing their aspirations. To make matters worse, we were hit by a financial crisis due to the exorbitant medical expenses that amounted to a staggering 45 lakh rupees during my husband’s cancer treatment, which only added to our difficulties during this difficult time. Cooking has always been an ardent pursuit of mine, and it brings immense joy to my heart when people relish the food I prepare with ardour. A few months ago, I had the pleasure of inviting my neighbours over for a meal, where I decided to whip up some samosas for them. To my delight, they were left in awe of my culinary expertise and even lauded my efforts on various social media platforms. Although their compliments warmed my heart, I was also humbled by their generous words. Following my husband’s demise, I struggled with loneliness, a common predicament for a woman married for over 30 years. However, the chance to teach others how to cook was a new lease of life and purpose that kept me occupied. I was overjoyed to hear that two ladies were keen on learning from me, and it gave me great pleasure to share my culinary passion with them. An unexpected opportunity arose as my family struggled to cope with my husband’s illness and the resulting financial burden.

We received a bulk order of 100 samosas, and I enlisted my maid’s help to fulfil it. Shortly after that, a couple approached me for daily meal services, having faced similar food-related challenges. Drawing on my hardships, I volunteered my services, but the couple insisted on paying despite my desire to provide them for free. This marked the beginning of “The Mother’s Cook,” a startup dedicated to providing healthy, hygienic & homely styled-cooked meals to those in need. Driven by our own hardships, I embarked on an audacious entrepreneurial journey to revolutionize society’s attitudes towards the role of food in achieving success. Reflecting on my journey with The Mother’s Cook, my heart swells with pride and gratitude. What began as a small enterprise fuelled by my fervour for cooking has become a flourishing business that has touched innumerable lives. Through our unwavering commitment to providing wholesome meals and empowering the homemaker community, we have established a prosperous enterprise that has contributed positively to society. As we explore new avenues and broaden our horizons, I am eager to discover where this thrilling odyssey takes us next.



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