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“The entire cast has been a delight to work with”, said Salman Shaikh aka RajvirTomar in Sony SAB’s Maddam Sir

  • Tell us something about your character. How is RajvirTomar different from the other characters that you have essayed in the past? 


Rajvir is lazy and someone who doesn’t like to do his work on time, but at the same time, he is also sincere at heart and never intends to hurt anyone. When I first heard about the character itself, I was super impressed. I have never essayed a comic role before and as I always wanted to be a part of such a show, I just grabbed the opportunity. 


  • Have you played a cop on-screen before? Where have you taken inspiration for the role of a cop from?

I haven’t essayed a cop on-screen before neither have I taken any inspiration for this role. I believe in daily observation. Even while watching a particular film or series, I try and observe characters at that very moment.


  • What attracted you to this show? 


The genre and the philosophy of this show is what attracted me the most, the beauty lies in the way SHO Haseena Mallik and her team bring in sensitivity to their policing while dealing with cases that comes to this police station. As an actor, it is fulfilment to know that people have been watching the show and are feeling relieved from stress and other anxieties. Also, it is an honour to play the role of a police officer. 


  • Your experience on shooting with the Maddam Sir team, how has it been?


The experience so far has been wonderful. The entire cast was welcoming, and we all got along very well. Yukiti, Bhavika and I share a lot in common as we lived in Jaipur. The set is filled with positive energy as we laugh a lot and have fun in between scenes which doesn’t make me feel tired after a day of work. We work in a bio bubble that assures our safety. However, we still maintain all safety and sanitization precautions as it is important for one and all. Overall, it has been a delight shooting for the show.


  • How have you prepared for this role? Any challenges that you have faced while delivering into this character? 


As soon as I got locked for this role, I started watching the show’s previous episodes. Besides that, the director has been of much help. He explained the scenes well and continuously guided me as to how I should improve particular scenes. There is a challenge for every actor essaying a new role. It takes a while to sink in and get used to it. You must put in more efforts at the same time.


  • In the upcoming episodes, what is it that the audience should look forward to?


I want to tell the viewers to gear up because the show promises a lot of new twists and turns as Sub Inspector Karishma Singh takes charge of this new police thana at Gomti Nagar Police Station.


  • The storyline of this show revolves around 4 beautiful women, is this a new experience for you, working with an all-women ensemble? How have you been bonding with your co-stars on the set?


The entire cast has been a delight to work with. I did not expect to have created such a close-knit bond with them. In between scenes, we play small pranks with each other, make reals, laugh, and joke around. I believe and am sure that this journey with the Maddam Sir team will be an amazing one in the days coming ahead. 


  • What are the similarities between you and your character RajvirTomar?


My character RajvirTomar and I share few similarities in common. We both always want to stay happy and we both don’t hate anyone. At the same time, we’re both happy-go-lucky personalities and complete desi’s at heart. 


  • What do you think about the concept of a Mahila Police Thana?


I think Mahila Police Thana is a beautiful and unique concept because most of the time people have heard of it but never actually seen it. The way SHO Haseena Mallik leads her team by example while policing cases with heart is what also makes the concept to stand apart. At the same time, I’m glad this show has brought about a change in showcasing the capability of a Mahila Police Thana. 


  • How do you manage to keep yourself fit in the new normal?


It hasn’t been easy managing to keep myself fit during these difficult times. It has been a task managing to control my diet. Although, whenever I get some free time, I find time to do cardio exercises and weightlifting techniques. 


  • How grateful are you for your upbringing/Rajasthani background? How does it make you the person you are today?


I’m grateful to my parents. They have always been my driving force. I am an actor today because of my father. I was keen on dancing because I was scared of acting, but it was my father who pushed me and motivated me. I began my acting journey by participating in theatre, I, therefore, joined Ravinder Manch, a theatre platform in Jaipur. It thought me all the basic rules that I needed to know to become an actor. Every state, every culture is precious in its own way and it shows in a person. One’s roots should always be strong. I feel as an actor, if I had to essay a Rajasthani character, I would be able to bring about it naturally. 



  • What are the three things you miss about Jaipur in Mumbai?


I miss family the most, I ensure to visit them at least once in three to four months. I miss gorging on the food from Jaipur. The chat, various fast foods is something I am missing out on. Jaipur has its own charm, in the evenings the entire city is lit up with lights, it’s a wonder to admire the city from afar.






  • What are your best memories of growing up in Jaipur?


There are many fond memories spent with friends and family. Memories spent at my Nani’s house in Jaipur will remain with me. My cousins and I used to play cricket on the terrace and even today when I see children playing the same way, my childhood memories instantly flashback.


  • You are working with Yukti who is also from Jaipur? How is it working with a fellow co-actor who’s from your hometown?


Yukti Kapoor is a brilliant actress. Shooting scenes for the first episode itself was executed very smoothly. The entire cast welcomed me, it’s like a family environment here. At first, we didn’t know that we both were from Jaipur but as even gradually spoke to one another we had a lot more in common to share. Bhavika Sharma too studied in Jaipur, so the three of us bonded really well, it has also become a very comfortable zone to work in.



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