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State-Level Volleyball Tournament to Commence in Palamu

Palamu EW News : The 23rd State-Level Volleyball Tournament is set to kick off this Sunday in Palamu. Final preparations are underway as the organizing committee convened a review meeting at the district school’s playground. The meeting was chaired by the committee’s president, Sunil Sahay.

Durga Prasad Jaohari, the secretary of the organizing committee, informed that players from all 22 districts have started arriving for the men’s volleyball team, while 16 districts have sent their women’s volleyball teams. A warm welcome was accorded to all players arriving in the city.

The meeting highlighted that a march past by the players will take place on Sunday, with dignitaries from the city in attendance. Comprehensive arrangements have been made for the players’ safety and accommodation. Players will be housed at Girivar Higher Secondary School, Kejee School, and a makeshift camp. Meals for the athletes will be arranged at the district school’s playground. An estimated 600 players are expected to participate.

Several members, including Lalan Sinha, Avinash Dev, Navin Tiwari, Uday Shukla, Sudhir Dubey, Ajay Tiwari, VM Pandey, Lal Babu, Tivankal Gupta, Manohar Lali, Satish Tiwari, Sanjay Raj, Manish Bhivaniya, Ranjeet Chandravanshi, Sanat Chatterjee, Pradeep Akela, Harishankar Singh, Ajit Sinha, Sudhir Saundik, Rupa Singh, Ruby Singh, Manju Gupta, Jyoti Agrawal, Kiran Agrawal, Mahesh Tiwari, and Vipin Kumar Sinha were present at the meeting.



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