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Government Prioritizes Earnings Over Work: Sudesh Mahto

Industries of Transfers, Postings, and Illegal Transportation Thrive in Government

Ranchi EW Correspondent : The state government’s priority is earning, not working. The industries of transfers, postings, and illegal transportation are thriving in the government. Corruption has become a norm. The leaders who swore to serve the public are only thinking about themselves, leading to frustration and despair among the people of Jharkhand. These statements were made by party president Sudesh Kumar Mahto during a gathering at his residential office on Kanke Road, Ranchi. During this event, several youths and social workers from the Barkagaon constituency, led by social worker Ramchandra Sahu, joined the party. Welcoming the new members to the party, Sudesh Kumar Mahto said that the government has deceived the youth the most. Due to their broken promises, the future of the youth is in darkness. Today, people from all sections of society are joining AJSU. The party’s central general secretary, Roshan Lal Chaudhary, who was present at the event, said that the Barkagaon constituency, with its immense potential for development, has been kept far from progress. No work has been done for the area’s development. The people of Barkagaon, suffering from displacement, are looking at AJSU with hopeful eyes. Together, we will work to develop Barkagaon in line with public aspirations. Under the leadership of Ramchandra Sahu, the following individuals joined the party: Manoj Sahu, Sonu Sahu, Vinod Sahu, Mohan Sahu, Shiv Sahu, Shankar Sahu, Suraj Kumar Sahu, Dilchand Sahu, Ishwari Sahu, Kamalnath Sahu, Narendra Lal Sahu, Kuldeep Sahu, Nirmal Sahu, Jugeshwar Sahu, Rohit Dineshwar Sahu, Pawan Sahu, Piyari Sahu, Guddu Sahu, Khirodhar Triloki Sahu, Gullu Sahu, Tukan Sahu, Kedar Sahu, Tarkeshwar Sanjay Sahu, Vijay Sahu, Anjan Sahu, Pintu Sahu, Churaman Sahu, Dinesh Prajapati, Ashok Sahu, Gopal Sahu, Magho Sahu, Lakhan Sahu, Thakuri Sahu, Bhubaneswar Sahu, Rajan Sahu, Kuleshwar Sahu, Teela Sahu, Dhaneshwar Sahu, and many others from Patratru and Urimari, including Champa Devi, Poonam Devi, Anu Devi, and Sita Devi.



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