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Soren’s corruption will be probed by CBI, if BJP comes in Power

BJP leader C. P Singh, attacked opposition block INDIA alliance for promoting corruption, nepotism and anarchy in Jharkhand,

Manoj Kumar Pathak

New Delhi: In a fervent escalation of political hostilities, BJP leader C. P. Singh launched a scathing attack on the JMM-led INDIA alliance in Jharkhand, accusing them of fostering corruption, nepotism, and anarchy. With the recent triumph in the Hindi heartland boosting their confidence, the BJP is now mounting an all-encompassing offensive against the Hemant Soren Government.

Singh, the former speaker of the Jharkhand  assembly and MLA from Ranchi, went on to assert that the Soren family had treated the mineral-rich state as their personal fiefdom. Promising a thorough investigation into the alleged corruption, Singh declared that if the BJP assumes power, it will direct the CBI and ED to probe Hemant Soren and his company.

The veteran BJP leader questioned the legitimacy of the Soren government’s continued tenure, despite being under the scrutiny of central agencies such as the CBI and ED. Accusing the government of perpetuating a reign of terror to conceal its misdeeds and misgovernance, Singh emphasized the urgent need for a change in leadership.

Singh further alleged that the JMM-led government had engaged in the misappropriation of free ration allocated for the poor under the Pradhan Mantri Garib Kalyan Anna Yojana. He announced a meticulous examination of these irregularities by central investigating agencies, asserting that the BJP would ensure transparency and accountability.

Describing the Soren government as synonymous with “Bhaya” (Terror), “Bhukh” (Hunger), and “Bharashtrachar” (Corruption), Singh claimed that the public was weary of such governance. Expressing confidence in the BJP’s victory in the upcoming general election, Singh predicted a historic win with the party securing all 14 Lok Sabha seats.

As the political landscape in Jharkhand intensifies, the BJP is positioning itself as a force for change, vowing to usher in an era of accountability and good governance, while promising a rigorous investigation into the alleged corruption under the Soren administration.



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