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An Insightful Conversation with Dr. Radha Mohan Das Agarwal: A Beacon of Simplicity and Devotion

The BJP National General Secretary is a rare blend of many high qualities of head and heart

The BJP National General Secretary Dr. Radha Mohan Das Agarwal is a rare blend of many high qualities of head and heart. The first of these that I experienced on my coming into contact with him is his extraordinary quality of listening and solving problems of a grieving soul despite his hectic schedule. A four time MLA from Gorakhpur and presently serving as BJP’s Rajya Sabha member, is well known for his straight forward attitude and down to earth image equally among mass and class corridors. At first glance, the rise of Gorakhpur’s new face Dr. Agrawal from a Hindu Mahasabha leader to BJP MP and general secretary, may seem you as a fairy tale, but it’s not the true picture. It is his unquestioned devotion, untiring sincerity and bubbling enthusiasm to serve people, which paved the way for his meteoric rise in political arena. Recently The Emerging World editor Manoj Kumar Pathak has wide range of discussion with Dr. Agarwal.

Pathak : Today, we have the distinct pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Radha Mohan Das Agarwal, a distinguished figure in Indian politics and a remarkable personality known for his simplicity, humanity, and unwavering dedication to public service. Thank you for joining us, Dr. Agarwal.

Dr. Agarwal: Thank you for having me.

Pathak : To begin, could you share with our readers the journey that led you from being a leader in the Gorakhpur to becoming a Member of Parliament and the national general secretary of the BJP?

Dr. Agarwal: Certainly. My journey has been one guided by devotion, sincerity, and enthusiasm to serve the people. I started my political journey as a social worker of the people of Gorakhpur , where I learned valuable lessons about unity and service. Over time, my commitment to the welfare of people led me to join the Bharatiya Janata Party. It was not a fairy tale but a result of unquestioned devotion and untiring sincerity.

Pathak : Your reputation as a listener and problem solver precedes you. How do you manage to maintain such qualities, especially in the demanding world of politics?

Dr. Agarwal: Well, I believe in the power of empathy and understanding. Despite a hectic schedule, I make it a point to listen to the problems of those who come to me. Compassion and a genuine desire to help go a long way in solving issues. It’s about connecting with people on a human level.

Pathak : You are known for your simplicity and down-to-earth nature. How do you balance your political responsibilities with this grounded approach?

Dr. Agarwal: (smiles) For me, it has always been about priorities. People come to listen to my thoughts, not to judge my clothes. I prioritize substance over appearance. Even as a national general secretary of the BJP, I remain concerned about the well-being of those around me, fostering a sense of affection and humility.

Pathak : Your philosophy revolves around the concept of ‘Antoyodaya’ and Integral Humanism. Can you elaborate on how these principles guide your actions in politics?

Dr. Agarwal: Certainly. ‘Antoyodaya’ emphasizes uplifting the last person in the society, ensuring that development reaches the grassroots. Integral Humanism, on the other hand, promotes a holistic approach that harmonizes body, heart, mind, and soul. This philosophy guides me to create a symbiosis between man, society, nature, and God, fostering a system beneficial to all of humanity.

Pathak: How do you view the essence of Sanatan Dharma, especially in the diverse religious landscape of India?

Dr. Agarwal: Sanatan Dharma is a comprehensive term encompassing various religions and systems of worship. It goes beyond sectarian boundaries, emphasizing what is good for everyone, leading them on the path to salvation. Dharma, in this context, transcends individual religious practices, making it a unifying force for the well-being of all.

Pathak : Thank you, Dr. Agarwal, for sharing your insights and philosophy with us. It has been a pleasure to delve into your thoughts and experiences.

Dr. Agarwal: The pleasure is mine. Thank you for the thoughtful conversation.



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