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Rolling Stock Workshop, Charbagh, Northern Railway successfully assembles

Special Wheelsets for the prestigious Mozambique export project

The Government of India (GoI) has extended the line of credit (LoC) to the Government of Mozambique for procurement of 60 loco-hauled coaches and 30 DEMU coaches with maintenance support for five years. The prestigious project has been undertaken by RITES in association of Modern Coach Factory, Raebareli (MCF). The contract was signed between Mozambique Port and Railways on 11.06.2020

However, Mozambique follows Cape Gauge (1067mm) as against Broad gauge (1676 mm), Meter Gauge (1000 mm) and Narrow Gauge (762 mm/610mm) being followed in India.

Since MCF has a fully automated wheel manufacturing plant for broad gauge wheels, it was not feasible to alter the existing facility to manufacture cape gauge wheel sets. 

Charbagh workshop of Northern Railway took up the challenge. The first prototype wheel set was developed in March’21 which was jointly inspected and approved by the design wing of MCF.

Work order for manufacturing of 70-wheel sets for loco hauled trailer coaches costing about Rs 50 lakhs was received in April 2021, out of which 68-wheel sets have already been delivered. 

Keeping in view the success of the above work, another work order for manufacturing of 24-wheelsets of DPC and 120-wheel sets of DTC/TC costing about Rs. 94 lakhs has been given by MCF to Charbagh Workshop in June 2021. Charbagh workshop is all set up to complete the work order in next four months.




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