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Resurgence of Clay Pots in the Age of Technology

Drinking water from a clay pot is an experience that transcends mere hydration

Manoj Kumar Pathak

In an era dominated by technological advancements and modern conveniences, the resurgence of traditional clay pots as a solution for clean, refreshing water is both surprising and heartening. This humble artifact, steeped in centuries of tradition, is now making a significant comeback, particularly in the fight against waterborne diseases. The recommendation from medical professionals to use clay pots for storing drinking water has sparked a renewed interest, highlighting their health benefits and cultural significance.

Allure of Clay Pots

Drinking water from a clay pot is an experience that transcends mere hydration. The earthy aroma and natural taste of the water evoke a sense of nostalgia and connection to nature, offering a simple yet profound pleasure that modern appliances often fail to provide. The sensation is akin to drinking from a natural spring, where the water is naturally cool and refreshing. This unique quality has led to a surge in demand for clay pots, especially during the scorching summer months.

The pottery business has experienced a renaissance as a result. Potters, once struggling to keep their craft alive, are now witnessing an unexpected prosperity. The price of clay pots varies widely, from a few hundred to several thousand rupees, reflecting their growing popularity and the craftsmanship involved. This resurgence has not gone unnoticed by online sales platforms, which now commission potters to create these vessels, selling them at premium prices to meet the high demand.

Health Benefits of Clay Pot Water

The benefits of drinking water from clay pots extend beyond its refreshing taste. Medical experts have highlighted several health advantages, including the regulation of blood pressure, reduction of bad cholesterol levels, and improved blood circulation. These benefits are particularly relevant in an age where lifestyle diseases are rampant.

Clay pots act as natural coolers, keeping water at a refreshingly cool temperature even in the hottest weather. The micro-pores in the clay facilitate a slow evaporation process, which cools the water inside. This natural cooling effect is a significant advantage during heatwaves, which have been particularly intense in recent years, with temperatures soaring to unprecedented levels.

Return to Tradition

Despite the ubiquity of refrigerators in modern households, the demand for clay pots remains strong. This phenomenon can be likened to the saying, “In the pursuit of gold, diamonds were forgotten.” As society embraced technological advancements, many traditional practices and artifacts were left behind. However, as people begin to rediscover the value of these traditions, there is a noticeable shift back to the wisdom of the past.

The rise in temperatures and the accompanying health risks have prompted a reevaluation of old practices. The natural cooling properties of clay pots make them indispensable during heatwaves, providing not just cool water but also helping in maintaining good health. The porous nature of the clay acts as an insulator, keeping the water cool and helping to keep the body hydrated.

Reintroducing Minerals

One of the most significant advantages of using clay pots is their ability to reintroduce essential minerals into purified water. Water purified through reverse osmosis (RO) systems often loses valuable minerals in the process. However, when stored in clay pots for just fifteen minutes, these minerals, particularly calcium, are reintroduced into the water. This is due to the composition of the clay itself, which contains a significant amount of calcium.

Medical professionals have raised concerns about the consumption of RO water, noting the potential for bacterial and fungal infections and its detrimental effect on digestion due to the lack of minerals. Drinking water from clay pots offers a healthier alternative, enriching the water with necessary minerals and enhancing its overall quality.

Revival of Clay Pots

The revival of clay pots in the modern age is a testament to the enduring wisdom of traditional practices. As people seek healthier and more natural alternatives in their daily lives, the clay pot stands out as a symbol of a return to simplicity and nature. This resurgence not only benefits individual health but also supports the livelihoods of potters and preserves a valuable cultural heritage.

The resurgence of clay pots is a reflection of a broader movement towards embracing traditional wisdom in the face of contemporary challenges. As we navigate the complexities of modern life, the simple, timeless practice of using clay pots for drinking water offers a reminder of the value of our cultural heritage and the enduring benefits of nature’s solutions. Amidst the whirlwind of technological advancements, the clay pot’s return to prominence is a beacon of the balance between past and present, tradition and technology.



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