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All Government Departments Prepared to Prevent Drug Abuse: L. Khiangte

Sanjay Pandey

Ranchi, EW News: All departments of the Jharkhand government are ready to prevent the production and consumption of narcotic substances in the state. An orientation program was held today to work in this direction. During this program, various departments shared their action plans to curb drug abuse. These remarks were made by the state’s Chief Secretary L. Khiangte, at the orientation program held at Project Bhawan Auditorium.

Chief Secretary L. Khiangte emphasized that the production and consumption of narcotics in the state is a blemish that needs to be eradicated. He stressed the importance of focusing on schools and colleges and highlighted the crucial role society must play in prevention efforts.

Effective Measures Needed to Ban Drug Use: Vandana Dadel

Principal Secretary of the Home, Jail, and Disaster Management Department, Mrs. Vandana Dadel, addressed the program, noting that Jharkhand has often been scrutinized for opium production, which has seen an increase in both production and consumption. She mentioned that the Hon’ble High Court has sometimes directed actions in this regard. Over the past five years, approximately 2,024 cases have been reported, and around 4,949 individuals have been arrested according to Jharkhand Police. Actions are being taken through the Anti-Narcotics Task Force, with the highest opium production and consumption reported in Chatra, Palamu, Latehar, and Ranchi. Long-term plans have been prepared to address this issue. Mrs. Dadel also stated that the Education Department faces the significant challenge of making all schools and colleges drug-free zones, while the Social Welfare Department needs to work on rehabilitation and establish counseling centers.

Efforts to Prevent Opium Production Underway: DGP

State DGP Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh mentioned that large-scale opium production is reported in some districts of Jharkhand, and efforts are being made to prevent this. The NCB and the Crime Investigation Department are working together in this direction.

Principal Secretary of the Health Department Ajay Kumar, stated that the Health Department is serious about preventing drug abuse in the state and will work in coordination with all departments.

Action Plan Prepared, Need for Awareness Among Children: Rahul Purwar

Principal Secretary of the Higher and Technical Education Department Rahul Purwar, said efforts are being made to curb the adverse effects of drugs among students. An action plan has been prepared to raise awareness around educational institutions, and awareness programs will be conducted in collaboration with law students. Manoj Kumar, Secretary of the School Education and Literacy Department, pointed out that the availability of drugs and lack of awareness are causing addiction issues among school and college students. An awareness program is necessary and will be conducted through various activities from June 19 to June 26, culminating in several events on June 26, the International Day Against Drug Abuse. Secretary of the Women, Child Development, and Social Security Department Manoj Kumar, stated that drug consumption cases are concerning for the state, and various programs have been outlined for their prevention. NCORD committees have been formed at the district level and under the chairmanship of the Chief Secretary at the state level. An Anti-Narcotics Task Force has also been established.

Zonal Director of the Narcotics Control Bureau Abhishek Anand, presented on the functioning of the Narcotics Control Bureau. Representatives from various NGOs shared their views during the program and emphasized the need for civil society organizations to prevent drug abuse. The program was attended by DGP CID Anurag Gupta, several police officials, representatives from various departments, NGO representatives, and several dignitaries.



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