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Opposition, media will get serious beating if they launch long march to Islamabad: Pak Min

Islamabad, Pakistan Minister for Planning, Development and Reforms Asad Umar has threatened the Opposition and media outlets of “serious beating” if they dare to walk to Islamabad in the form of long march.

The News International quoted the minister as saying, “Don’t even think of coming here. And if you do you will be beaten black and blue.”

He also accused the media of being the “facilitator” of the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM), a multi-party opposition alliance.

On Novmeber 6, PML-N leader and the alliance’s secretary general Shahid Khaqan Abbasi issued a statement announcing launch of protest rallies in all provincial capitals.

“A protest will be held in Karachi on November 13, followed by one in Quetta on November 17 and in Peshawar on November 20,” Dawn quoted Abbasi as saying.

The last rally will be taken out in Lahore, from where the protesters will begin march towards Islamabad.

According to the statement, “This movement will end only after sending [Prime Minister] Imran Khan packing. This is a movement to rid [the country] of Imran Khan.”

“[Spiralling] inflation, the National Accountability Ordinance, the so-called electoral reforms … among other issues came under discussion,” the former PM said.

According to Dawn report, during the virtual meeting the PDM demanded that the increase in the prices of electricity, gas, petrol and other commodities be reversed.

“The actual reason behind inflation is the historic corruption by Imran Khan’s government,” the statement said.

“The nation is unwilling to bear this government even for a minute, which has inflicted back-breaking inflation on the people,” Abbasi said.

(EW Correspondent)



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