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Money was being withdrawn from the fake signature of Deputy Postmaster

Dhanbad, In Dhanbad’s head post office, it has been revealed to withdraw money by forging signatures on vouchers. The allegation is on the assistant postal worker Ashutosh Dubey. It is being said that Dubey is a special postmaster. The Deputy PostMaster has complained about this to the Senior Postal Superintendent and the Senior Postal Pal.

Deputy Postmaster Balwant Singh has said in the complaint that on scrutiny of Treasury vouchers, it was found that there are five such vouchers, which I have not signed. The money has been withdrawn from the treasury of the department by signing that voucher in my name. When I got information about this, it came to know that Ashutosh Dubey is doing this feat. Chandrashekhar Prasad sitting in the treasury has also been ignoring it and paying money through vouchers. When asked, both of them kept silent. He has alleged that Ashutosh Dubey is doing all this at the behest of senior postmaster BP Srivastava. Every day 10-15 vouchers of Rs 500 and less are being withdrawn from the Treasury from the Contingent Fund. In this act, the senior postmaster has not signed himself and has imposed all this work on other employees, while he himself is in charge of the department. His signature should be in the expenditure related to money. If there is any kind of investigation, then other employees can get trapped in it. There is a discussion in the department that the name for which money is being withdrawn from the Treasury by making vouchers, Instead of purchasing that material, the amount is being directly usurped.

If the funds of the Department of Rupees have been withdrawn by wrongly signing the voucher, it will be investigated. The employee who is being accused will also be investigated. How the employee sitting in the Treasury paid the cash, he is also under suspicion. It is feared that he himself has withdrawn the money and has put the blame on another. Departmental action will be taken against those found guilty.

Complaint has been received. The Senior Postmaster has been ordered for investigation. If the wrong investigation report is submitted, the department will investigate in its own way. The signature will be sent to a forensic lab for verification. If the allegations are found to be true, FIR will be registered against the said employee.

(EW correspondent)



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