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Letter to Observer in fixing election dates and to start Election process as voter list are about to publish: Election committee

EM News Palamu: A meeting of the Palamu District Advocates Association Election Committee was held in which the general elections for the year 2021-2023 were thoroughly discussed. In the meeting, senior advocates of the election committee B N Choubey, Akhilesh Chandra Singh and Shaukat Ali jointly passed the resolutions and following proposals were approved.

In the names mentioned in the electoral roll “B” of Palamu District Advocates Association, except serial numbers 1 to 3, all other 31 advocates were given the right to vote. His name will be included in the voter list “A”. In the voter list “C”, the names of the advocates whose names have been shown as arrears of the Jharkhand State Legal Council, those advocates who cleared their dues, their names were also included in the voter list “A”. Advocates named in voter list “D” who have submitted their error correction papers to the election committee passed by Jharkhand State Bar Council, their names were also included in voter list “A”. The names of the advocates mentioned in the voter list “E” who submitted the verification form on time with a draft of ₹ 2000, their names were also included in the voter list. It was decided to remove the names of those advocates who have died in the voter list from the voter list.

The members of the three-member election committee also decided that according to the above-passed resolution, the voter list should be published finally after marking the name in the voter list and the copy of the voter list should be put on the information of the advocate association. One copies each of the published voter list in the name of the secretary of Jharkhand State Bar Council and both the election observers, advocate Baleshwar Prasad and advocate Mrityunjay Kumar Srivastava and also in connection with the issue of the registered letter without delay and fixing the date of voting. It was decided to issue nomination papers and hand over the acknowledgment receipt to the advocates concerned after depositing the total amount of ₹ 1,07,000 by the advocates mentioned in the voter list “C” with the competent officer of the Jharkhand State Bar Council. Five advocates have given the application form, which will be sent to the Jharkhand State Bar Council in adding the voter list.




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