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Engineer engaged in road construction got kidnaped

Garhwa; Nagendra Singh, the side in-charge engineer of Sirothia Private Limited Company engaged in the construction of Dhurki to Bilaspur road in Garhwa, was kidnapped by some criminals. He is said to have been kidnapped for levy. The police became active as soon as they got the news of the kidnapping. When the police started the siege, leaving the engineer in the forest, the criminals fled. It is said that the engineer had come to Khutia camp like every day. At the same time, criminals who came by motorcycle stormed the Khutia camp and kidnapped the engineer on the strength of a weapon. The police was informed about the matter. SP Shrikant Suresh Rao Khotre inspected the spot and inquired.

In the police station premises, the SP said that the criminals who abducted the engineer have been identified. The engineer was probably kidnapped for the levy. Soon the culprits will be arrested. Teams were deployed for the recovery of the engineer. SDPO Pramod Kumar Kesari said that the news of the abduction of the engineer was received at 11 o’clock. He was abducted around 10 in the morning. After that, on the instructions of the SP, a team was formed under the leadership of SDPO and raids were started. Seeing the increasing pressure of the police, the miscreants fled, leaving the kidnapped engineer in Ambakhoraya forest. The engineer was safely recovered from the forest.





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