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In the name of reinstatement in the army, the youth of many states including Jammu and Kashmir were cheated, three in custody, the gangster absconding

Ranchi: Army Intelligence has exposed the case of duping dozens of youths of Rs.1.25 crore in the name of army recruitment. In this case, Ranchi’s Namkum police is interrogating three people, including Pankaj Kumar Singh (father-Dharmanath Singh, Chandni Chowk, Jagarnathpur), while the main kingpin of the fraud, Shaukat Ali, is absconding. For whose arrest the police are raiding. The youths who have been cheated are residents of other states including Jammu and Kashmir, Punjab, Maharashtra.

According to the victims, it was found through the agent that there would be a direct medical examination without running. After that there will be joining, for which 5 lakh rupees were given per youth. The youths were called for medical, where the medical was taken in a closed room, the youth got suspicious. Said that due to corona, investigation is not being done in the hospital. When he reached with the joining letter, he got information about being cheated.

Arrested Pankaj has been jailed in the past in fraud case in the name of recruitment in army. In the past too, dozens of youths of Bokaro, Simdega, Dhanbad, Gumla have been jailed from Jagarnathpur police station on 23 February 2020 in a cheating case of two crore rupees in the name of army recruitment. In this case 91/20, 92/20 case was registered. Pankaj is fond of expensive vehicles. There are offices in many places. Pankaj Singh has been doing the work of duping innocent youth in the name of job for the last many years. He is fond of expensive cars. He has two expensive cars.

Offices have been opened at different places to cheat the youth. The business of duping the youth is widespread. By showing the youth the promise of a job in the army, they have done 60 lakh transactions in 9 months in many different bank accounts. Most of the transactions have been done in the accounts of Gopi Sharma (ICICI Bank), Sushil Tiwari (HDFC Bank), Manish Kumar (Union Bank), Pankaj Kumar Singh (Axis and ICICI Bank) and Rohit Kumar.

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