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Hazaribagh-Koderma police busted inter-state vehicle thief gang, arrested a dozen criminals

Hazaribagh: In the joint action of Hazaribagh-Koderma police, a dozen criminals of inter-state gang have been arrested by the police. Police have recovered six stolen and robbed vehicles from the accused. Among the accused arrested by the Hazaribagh police are Vicky Kumar father Ashok Prasad Yadav of Fatehpur Dobhatand, Bihar-Gaya, Rajkumar Chaudhary alias Munna father Kanhaiya Chaudhary of Hazaribagh Barhi Gauri-Karma, Shivshankar Prasad Gupta father Ramu Prasad of Jhurjhuri village of Barkatha police station area, Chauparan. Sandeep Kumar’s father Satyendra Yadav of Parasatari, Naushad Ansari father of Barkattha Konhara art Ibrahim Mian and Santosh Bhuiyan father of Chauparan Parasatari are Ramswaroop Bhuiyan.

Vehicle seized by Hazaribagh Police:
Pickup van WB9B- 9575, Pickup vehicle JH01DC- 0980, Brinjal R BR 23-4500 and Scorpio car JH12 DC- 5432 are included from the possession of the accused.

Koderma police arrested six accused:
Koderma police has arrested six accused of vehicle thief gang. In which Maqbool Ansari father of Gharmunda village of Koderma Jayanagar police station area Fida Hussain, Rishikesh Chaudhary father Kedar Chaudhary of Dharaidih, Rakesh Kumar Pandey alias Roshan Kumar Pandey father Vikramaditya Pandey of Tilaiya, Sunil Kumar Paswan father self Munshi Paswan, Numuni Saw father of Rupaydih The names of Thal Sao and Giridih Birni Simratand’s Banshi Verma father late Dwarka Mahato are included. Two goods carrier pickups have been seized from the arrested accused.

(EW Correspondent) 



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