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Films are not made with money, but with constant effort and confidence: Shashi Verma

Principal Correspondent Ranchi:

Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee University School of Journalism and Mass Communication Department and Directorate of Cultural Affairs, Department of Tourism, Art, Culture, Sports and Youth Affairs, Government of Jharkhand has organized a ten-day workshop “Jharokha – 2021” on Film Making and Acting. On the fourth day of the workshop, the students of journalism and film making were told about the three stages of production – pre-production, mid-production, and post-production by Anuj Kumar, teacher of film making in the first session of the program. He especially mentioned the topics of film location, direction, thinking of script, writing, and applying it on multiple screens. After this in the second session, Dr. Anil Thakur, who has acted in many films and is Head of the Hindi Department, gave the script to the students. Discussed points like a screenplay, wherein he gave details related to scene number, timing, cast, scenes, and where and how to shoot the film. He discussed the various achievements and films of the great director of the film world. Film director and writer Shashi Verma reached the DSPMU campus as a mentor for the third session of this workshop while shooting for his upcoming web series AK-47 and shared inspirational themes and inspiring anecdotes from his experiences. – “More attention should be given to making a short film or film than the success of it because everyone thinks it is, but only works on it who have confidence. Thinking, understanding, and getting it down to a page are hallmarks of a scriptwriter which could be any of you. Cinema is a powerful medium. Indian cinema is not only a means of entertainment; it is also a carrier of Indian culture. Young filmmakers should work with that attitude. And acting doesn’t just mean memorizing dialogues but imbibing yourself with them.

He told that good stories are hidden in our everyday life. We just need to observe the life around us. Encouraging the participants, he said that even if they do not know technical things, but if they have self-confidence, they can learn anything. Learning has become even easier in the age of the Internet. His talent and aptitude are not obliged by any institute or college. While motivating the students, he said that the mistake made in doing a task for the first time is not a mistake but a “masterpiece”. Taking his words further, he said, “You have to believe in yourself to act in a film and make a film, films are made not by money, but by your constant effort and confidence”.

Sanjay Pandey



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