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Tribal dominated village in darkness for last four months

EW Correspondent/Ranchi : In Sadabar village of Chakla Panchayat of Latehar district, a 63 KV transformer has been burnt for four months. 40 houses AC and 20 ST families reside in this village. The department is informed about the transformer burning. A month ago, the villagers met the assistant engineer and requested him to get the transformer installed. Even after this, the problem is not resolved. Electricity is about to come to this village for five years, meanwhile, four transformers have burnt so far. The electricity bill continues even after the transformer is lit. Rambrich Oraon, Sunil Oraon, Mahabir Oraon, Kantu Oraon, Sarkas Oraon, Jageshwar Mahato, Abhishek Oraon, Rahul Oraon, and others told The Emerging World that the village gets submerged in darkness at dusk. Children’s education is being affected. Villagers are worried day and night regarding the charge of mobile batteries.



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