Medininagar (Palamu): Birth anniversary of Lord Birsa Munda and State Foundation Day celebration 15 was celebrated with grandeur at Palamu Divisional Headquarter Medininagar. On this occasion, a cultural evening was organized by the Palamu district administration at the local town hall in the evening. As the chief guest, Palamu Divisional Commissioner Jata Shankar Choudhary, Deputy Commissioner Shashi Ranjan, Deputy Development Commissioner Megha Bhardwaj, Municipal Commissioner Sameera S, Assistant Collector Ashish Aggarwal, etc. lit the lamp and offered wreaths on the picture of Lord Birsa Munda. This cultural program lasted till late evening.
Inaugurating the cultural evening organized at Gandhi Smriti Nagar Bhawan (Town Hall), Commissioner Shri Jata Shankar Choudhary while paying tribute to Lord Birsa Munda extended warm greetings and best wishes to the residents of Palamu Division on his birth anniversary and State Foundation Day. The commissioner said that politicians, administrative officials, common people have done a lot of work in taking Jharkhand forward. Even then, the challenges remain. Jharkhand has to be taken forward as a developed state. He said that due to everyone’s participation, the effect of corona infection in the Palamu district and division has been reduced. However, there is still a need to be vigilant and cautious. He said that all the districts have to contribute to the development for the state to progress further. It is the responsibility of the people of the three districts of Palamu, Latehar, and Garhwa to play their part in the development of the state. He appealed for the participation of all the people of the divisional area like officials, intellectuals, dignitaries, farmers, businessmen, laborers, etc. for the development of the state. He said that all the people would develop all the districts of this division with a collective effort. If the development of the district is done well, then the division will progress, which will be a big contribution to the development of the state. He said that we have to move further on the scale of development. The commissioner said that this area of the Palamu division has been rich in tourism, agriculture, and culture. The region also has a proud history. People here have played an important role in the Constituent Assembly as well.
On the occasion, Jharkhand/Vananchal agitators were honored in a program organized by the Palamu district administration at the local town hall. The names of Jharkhand / Vananchal agitators to be honored include Kanhai Sahu, Mohan Prasad, Ganesh Singh, Murari Sao, Rajesh Paswan, Sheela Sinha, Vikesh Kumar Shukla, Nehal Asgar, Ravindra Prasad, Dina Nath Toppo, and Umesh Oraon.