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Palamu: Legal Awareness Camp Organized in Lesliganj

Palamu, EW News: Legal Expert Sanjay Kumar Pandey emphasized the primary objective of the Legal Empowerment Camp to bring justice to the last person in society. The legal awareness camp was organized in the Lesliganj block office of Palamu district, aiming to empower people and raise awareness among them.

Addressing the rural audience present at the camp, Sanjay Kumar Pandey stressed the importance of ensuring that no elderly or widowed person in the Panchayat remains without a pension. He urged all village heads to ensure that everyone in their Panchayat has a ration card. The goal of the Palamu district legal service authority is to reach the last person in society and deliver justice, he added.

Sanjay Pandey highlighted the ongoing efforts to continuously organize empowerment camps to make people self-reliant. He underscored the necessity of empowering women and children in today’s society and emphasized that awareness is crucial for this transformation. Pandey also pointed out that with increased awareness about rights and government schemes, societal change can be achieved.

Ashish Kumar Sahu, the present District Development Officer, stated that the district legal service authority stands with the people in every joy and sorrow. He expressed the need for legal awareness and stated that the primary goal of the authority is to provide accessible and simple justice to the last person.

Vinay Sharma, Panchayat Officer, encouraged people to participate and learn from such awareness camps, considering them an opportunity to gain knowledge and understanding. He emphasized that awareness camps serve as stepping stones for the people of the region.

Nand Kishor Singh, the President of the 20-point committee, highlighted the commitment of the state government to leave no stone unturned in development works. He stressed the need for people to be vigilant and aware. Many village heads shared their suggestions during the camp.

The legal awareness camp included the distribution of blankets and the disbursement of checks related to a women’s self-help group scheme worth lakhs of rupees. The event aimed to not only provide legal information but also to contribute to the financial empowerment of the community.



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