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Chief Minister Hemant Soren Assesses Government Schemes in Meraral Block of Garhwa District

Sanjay Pandey: Chief Minister Hemant Soren addressed a gathering during the third phase of the “Your Plan – Your Government – Your Door” program organized in Meraral block of Garhwa district. He expressed his commitment to visiting camps set up under various government schemes to ascertain the actual benefits reaching the people.

In his address, the Chief Minister urged citizens to actively engage with government initiatives and empower themselves through these programs. He acknowledged that while he may not be able to visit all the camps, he is making an effort to attend some to assess the impact of government schemes on the ground.

The Chief Minister emphasized the government’s dedication to working diligently on the schemes and initiatives formulated for the welfare of the people. He discussed the various steps taken to uplift Jharkhand, stating that the government is actively working towards the state’s reconstruction.

Highlighting the progress made, Chief Minister Soren mentioned that Jharkhand has entered the phase of youth. Despite being a 23-year-old state, the region faced developmental challenges over the past two decades. However, he assured that the current government is putting its full force behind the state’s development.

Addressing concerns about education, he assured that financial worries for education would no longer burden the state’s children. He outlined schemes like Kishori Bai Savitri, which provides financial assistance to prepare for exams and pursue various courses. The Chief Minister also highlighted the Guruji Credit Card scheme, offering education loans up to 15 lakhs without the need for any collateral.

Regarding employment, Chief Minister Soren mentioned the creation of opportunities in both government and private sectors. He introduced the Chief Minister’s Employment Creation Scheme for those interested in self-employment, encouraging them to apply for financial assistance to start their businesses.

Reflecting on the transformation of the Garhwa region, the Chief Minister recalled its history of being plagued by extremism. However, due to the government’s efforts, the area is now free from insurgency. He shared his personal interactions with the people, expressing satisfaction in witnessing smiles on their faces.

During the event, Chief Minister Soren inaugurated 1146 schemes with a total cost of 99 crore 96 lakh 89 thousand rupees. The foundation stone for 109 additional schemes was laid, and these projects are expected to incur a total cost of 111 crore 39 lakh 73 thousand 562 rupees. The Chief Minister distributed benefits amounting to 7 crore 49 lakh 63 thousand 745 rupees among the beneficiaries of various schemes, focusing on their empowerment and self-reliance.

The ceremony was attended by several dignitaries, including Labor Minister Satyanand Bhokta, Agriculture Minister Badal, Drinking Water and Sanitation Minister Mithilesh Kumar Thakur, District Council Chairperson Shanti Devi, Chief Secretary Vinay Kumar Choubey, Inspector General of Police Rajkumar Lakra, and other officials.



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