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Bhanu Pratap, Secures 727th Position in Civil Services Examination 2023

Lucknow: Bhanu Pratap Singh, a resident of Jankipuram, has clinched the 727th position in the prestigious Civil Services Examination 2023. The declaration of results on Tuesday not only brought pride to his family but also illuminated the city of Jankipuram and his alma mater with a new sense of accomplishment.

Bhanu Pratap Singh’s journey to success stands as an inspiration to many. Born into a family deeply ingrained in the ethos of public service, he inherited the values of dedication and commitment from his family. As the youngest child of retired Indian Police Service officer Bharat Singh Yadav, Bhanu was nurtured amidst an environment where service to the nation was held in high regard.

After completing his degree in Mechanical Engineering from HBTU Kanpur, Bhanu delved into the technical field while cherishing his aspiration to join the civil services. Guided by the invaluable experiences of his IPS father and the wisdom of his elder brother Prajwal Singh Yadav, a computer engineer, Bhanu pursued his goal with unwavering determination.

The support of his family and mentors proved to be instrumental in Bhanu’s success in the 2023 Civil Services Examination. Currently serving as the Assistant Director of Sports Authority of India (SAI) in Jammu, Bhanu has taken up the mantle of overseeing the Khelo India Mission in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. His appointment underscores his commitment to fostering excellence in sports and youth development.

The proud family, led by Bharat Singh Yadav, a retired DIG from Shahjahanpur, UP, residing in Lucknow, shares in Bhanu’s accomplishment. Alongside his wife Rajkumari Yadav, their three accomplished children, including daughter Dr. Divya and sons Prajwal and Bhanu, contribute to the family’s legacy of excellence.

Dr. Divya, a dentist by profession, is married to Nishant Narayan, a 2011 batch Indian Railway Traffic Service (IRTS) officer stationed in Northern Railway, New Delhi. Prajwal Singh Yadav, the elder son, excels in the field of software engineering, holding a high position in a multinational company.

Bhanu’s success in the Civil Services Examination adds another feather to the family’s cap, complementing Singh’s own accolades, including the prestigious President’s Medal for excellent services. As the family revels in Bhanu’s achievement, it serves as a testament to their dedication to public service and commitment to excellence.



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