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Ranchi: Candidates Briefed on Counting Process in Counting Hall

Sanjay Pandey

Ranchi EW News : The counting for the Lok Sabha General Elections 2024 will take place on June 4. In preparation, Electoral Officer Rahul Kumar Sinha conducted a meeting with candidates and their agents to provide detailed information about the arrangements and procedures at the Pandara Market Committee counting center for the Ranchi parliamentary constituency. During the meeting, Electoral Officer Rahul Kumar Sinha explained the detailed arrangements and procedures in the counting hall as per the guidelines of the Election Commission of India. Through a PowerPoint presentation, candidates and agents were shown a map of the counting venue, highlighting the counting halls for all six assembly segments within the Ranchi Lok Sabha constituency, the entry and exit routes for officials and agents, and the parking arrangements for vehicles. DEO Rahul Kumar Sinha provided detailed information on the appointment of counting agents by each candidate. He explained the necessary documents and the application process using forms 18 and 19. Candidates were informed that photo identity cards would be issued to the counting agents, allowing them entry into the counting hall. Additional information on the declaration to be submitted by counting agents was also provided, along with eligibility criteria for who can serve as a counting agent. Candidates were urged to submit their applications for the appointment of counting agents promptly to ensure timely issuance of appointment letters.

The District Electoral Officer detailed the counting process inside the counting hall, explaining step-by-step how the count begins after matching votes with the CU (Control Unit) and Form 17C. A video related to the counting process was also shown to all the candidates present.

In addition, DEO Rahul Kumar Sinha explained the procedure for counting postal ballots. He provided a demonstration showing the conditions under which postal ballots are canceled, rejected, or accepted. Candidates and agents were also informed about the dos and don’ts at the counting venue. District Electoral Officer Rahul Kumar Sinha emphasized that no one, except the Assistant Electoral Officer of the assembly constituency, would be allowed to carry a mobile phone into the counting building. He urged all candidates and agents to adhere to the guidelines issued by the Election Commission of India at the counting site.



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