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Media Literacy Workshop Enlightens Rural Communities and Farmers on Misinformation

Palamu, EW News : Senior journalist and media educator, Sanjay Pandey, conducted an insightful workshop in Leslieganj block, focusing on media literacy among rural communities and farmers. Addressing the impact of misinformation, Sanjay Pandey provided examples on distinguishing between accurate and misleading information, guiding participants on navigating the digital landscape responsibly.

Highlighting the rising prevalence of deceptive information in the digital age, Pandey emphasized that misinformation not only disrupts harmony but also poses a threat to the nation’s democracy. He urged everyone to fulfill their role as responsible citizens through media literacy, stressing the need to adeptly use media tools for the country’s development.

Sanjay Pandey illustrated various instances of digital fraud, cautioning against sharing personal information and refraining from blindly following links. The workshop covered the distinctions between misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation, along with practical fact-checking methods.

Participant Sangeeta Kumari expressed gratitude, stating that the workshop provided valuable insights into different aspects of media literacy. Reflecting on her use of social media, she acknowledged being unaware of potential harm, but now she is committed to promoting media literacy among her relatives.

The workshop concluded with a call for individuals to proactively embrace media literacy, fostering a culture of responsible information consumption in rural areas.



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