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We are establishing India’s largest floating solar power plant in Jharkhand: Hemant Soren

New Delhi: In the quest to attract investments in the state and foster industrial development, Chief Minister Shri Hemant Soren completed his two-day visit to New Delhi to attend the Investor’s Meet organized by the Department of Industries, Government of Jharkhand.


During the launch of the Jharkhand Industrial and Investment Promotion Policy 2021, *Chief Minister Hemant Soren Said, “The state government wants to move forward with the cooperation of the investors. We are trying to leverage the infinite resources which the nature has gifted to Jharkhand and walk the path of development.


In this quest, we expect your cooperation. The government has stepped up and we will not stop here. From the very beginning, the state government has been deliberating upon how to generate employment in Jharkhand. Hitherto,our focus largely revolved around industries based on mines and minerals.They are undoubtedly immensely valuable and will continue to be the backbone but we are now also working in the field of Tourism, Education, Renewable Energy, Food Processing, Auto Mobile, Pharma & Textile. A major part of these industries has been untouched in Jharkhand. Talking about Renewable Energy, I would like to inform you all that very soon we are coming up with a very big project. We are establishing India’s largest floating solar plant.  This will generate electricity on a very large scale. We are working on paving way for industries to come and establish their plants and generate employment in the state. Our effort is to take Jharkhand upwards in the category of leading states of India.”


Jharkhand has unlimited possibilities in the field of Education and Tourism


He said, “Many industries remained closed due to the nationwide imposed lockdown to curb the spread the the pandemic. This caused a problem in employment generation. We had to work out some solution. Our internal resources came to the rescue, we utilized them to provide benefit to our people. It is always talked about the reserves of mineral wealth that we have. But, we have immense potential in the field of tourism. Incentive provisions have been included for the Tourism industry under JIIPP 2021. We have unlimited opportunities in the field of education. Netarhat School, you all must have heard about that, that school is in Jharkhand.  The school is a nursery for budding IAS & IPS of the country. Jharkhand is also doing well in the field of engineering and medicine. We are establishing Pharma parks where we will provide land to medical equipment manufacturers also. We are ready to promote educational and technical institutes*


Executives and officials of the government will always be available for your help: Shri Sukhdev Singh, Chief Secretary


During the event, Chief Secretary Sukhdev Singh quoted a famous economist and said, “Some of the nations have not been able to grow because of inclement temperament and weather reduce output.”

He said, “The weather in Jharkhand is extremely pleasant. If you ever get the chance to travel to Ranchi. When you leave Delhi the temperature will be 40 degrees, whereas when you reach Ranchi it reads 28 degrees. Temperature and pleasant weather make human capital very productive.”

“Our human capital is very healthy and very law-abiding. You will never have to face labour unrest in Jharkhand. We have our very good law and order situation. You will never hear of any organized extortion gange. Even the Naxalism has shrunk to few remote pockets of Jharkhand and it is like to be eliminated from the geography of Jharkhand in a couple of months. Jharkhand invites you, invites you with open arms ”


Indicating towards the chief minister, sitting on the dice he said, “The chief minister of a state with seven of his top bureaucrats flies 1000KM from Ranchi to Delhi to solicit and woo the investors. This is a great change, this is a paradigm shift from shooing to wooing. This has been possible because the government knows that the development of our state or country is not possible without investment and innovation.


We have come here to tell you that Jharkhand is your best bait. Policies can come and go, governments come and go, policies can be amended, policies can be improved, policies can be scrapped but we want to tell you one thing about Jharkhand which can never change. It’s a beautiful state with a beautiful landscape. It is a state with a vast range of flora and fauna. 30% of our land is covered with forest, with such vast production of minor forest produce that it is a paradise for anyone interested in the Agro-Food Processing Industry.


He expressed commitment of the Jharkhand Govt to implement the provisions of the policy in the paper and on the ground level.


I, on behalf of the state government, invite you to come over and I can assure you that Jharkhand is your best bait.


Pooja Singhal , Secretary Industries presented on the details of the new policy as well as the landmark Adityapur Electronic Manufucturing Cluster, seeking to turn Jharkhand into a Electronics Manufucturing Hub .

A QnA session was also organized during the event, where prospective investors put up their queries & suggestions in front of the chief minister. The Chief Minister, the Chief Secretary & Secretary Industries answered the queries of investors and invited everyone to come to Ranchi with their proposals.


Rajmahal MP Vijay Hansda and Senior officials including Additional Chief Secretary-Development Commissioner Shri Arun Kumar Singh, Additional Chief Secretary Shri L. Khiyangte, Principal Secretary to the chief minister Shri Rajeev Arun Ekka, Principal Secretary Energy Shri Avinash Kumar, Secretary to the chief minister Shri Vinay Kumar Choubey, Resident Commissioner Shri M.L. Meena, Director Industry Shri Jitendra Kumar Singh, MD JHARCRAFT, Shri Divyanshu Jha were also present during the meeting.


( The Emerging World Correspondent)




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