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Viral fever becomes dangerous for patients who have recovered from Covid, families troubled by memory loss

Viral fever is affecting very fast in patients who have recovered from Covid. Complaints of memory loss are also being seen in people above 60 years of age who have defeated Covid, due to prolonged viral fever. Three to four patients are admitted in RIMS, according to whose relatives, high fever is being seen in the patients. Also, patients are unable to recognize their relatives.

Dr Sanjay Singh, a physician of the Medicine Department of RIMS, said that many such patients are coming, fever is also persisting for a long time. He said that instead of memory loss, it should be called deteriorating brain balance. This is called Cognitive Impairment in the language of medical science. At the same time, he told that a patient is admitted with similar symptoms, who was examined in many ways. After getting negative in tests like electrolytics, Japanese encephalitis test was done and the patient got positive. However, he told that the lack or excess of sodium in the body also affects the brain balance of the patients. Also, Dr. Sanjay Kumar said that there is no need to worry too much in such cases, it gets cured with medicine. After the fever is over, the problem of memory loss also goes away.

The number of viral fever patients has increased in RIMS. Along with children, elders are also admitted after suffering from viral fever. People of all ages are now having a viral effect. There are many patients who do not get fever for ten to twelve days. Fever above 104 degrees is persistent in many patients. At the same time, children, adolescents and people above 55 are getting infected more. Let us tell you that according to the doctors, viral fever knocks every year during the rainy season, but in most of the cases the patients were cured within two to three days. But this time the viral fever is staying for more than ten days.

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