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“Vigilance Awareness Week 2023 Promotes Ethics and Anti-Corruption Initiatives at POWERGRID,NR-I”

Faridabad, EW News: POWERGRID Northern Region-I (NR-I) Headquarters in Faridabad commenced its “Vigilance Awareness Week, 2023” with commitment to fostering integrity, ethics, and anti-corruption values among its employees and the public. The week-long event, organized from October 30 to November 5, was inaugurated on October 30, 2023, with an Integrity Pledge administered to all employees and senior officials.

 Executive Director of NR-I, Mr. A.K. Mishra, led the charge by emphasizing the importance of upholding ethical standards and honesty in daily life. He delivered the message of “Say no to Corruption; Commit to the Nation,” the theme of this year’s Vigilance Awareness Week.

To further engage employees and promote awareness, a workshop/webinar on POWERGRID’s Conduct, Discipline, and Appeal Rules (CDA Rules) was organized on November 1, 2023. Sh. Amal Kumar, Asstt. Manager of the Vigilance Department, CC, shared valuable insights about the importance of CDA rules in maintaining the organization’s integrity.

A Walkathon rally was flagged off by ED, continuing the theme of “Say no to Corruption; Commit to the Nation.” Additionally, a thought-provoking Nukkad Natak performance near Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Government College, Sector 16A, Faridabad, highlighted the values of ethics and transparency, leaving a significant impact on the local community.

As a tradition, POWERGRID,NR-I conducted various activities, including Gram Sabha, Nukkad Natak, Walkathon, online quizzes, debates, essay writing, paintings, and slogans, to disseminate the key message of ethics and anti-corruption within the organization and to the wider public.

The Vigilance Awareness Week, 2023, serves as a reminder of the commitment of POWERGRID,NR-I to fostering an ethical and transparent work environment and actively contributing to the fight against corruption. The organization’s dedication to these values continues to inspire employees and the community at large.



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