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Uttarakhand’s Crisis : Himalayan “Kasturi Mriga” on verge of extinction

  • Five Endangered Musk dear die in September alone
  • Only 12 are alive now under threat of getting disappear 

Amit Pandey @ EW News :

Champawat: Uttarakhand’s wildlife sanctuaries have turned itself into safe haven for national and international poachers. Thanks to the unholy Nexus of forest officers and smugglers, poachers are here virtually ruling the roost and animals are easy prey to their. After mysterious deaths of tigers in Jim Corbett National park, now butchering of endangered Musk deer has came to limelight. The Musk Deer Research Centre in Bageshwar reported the death of another male Himalayan Musk deer, listed as endangered species on IUCN Red list. Seeing the present scenario of fast declining rate in their population, there is every possibility of this particular species will soon get extincted from the world. With this reported new casuality, taking the total number of Musk deer deaths of the species to five in September alone.


A senior officer at the centre told the Emerging World that the cause of these deaths remains unknown, as a conclusive report from Indian Veterinary Research Institute Bareilly is still pending. The official added that the dead animals body had shown symptoms such as swelling of knees and stomach problem.


Notably, four Musk deer deaths-three female and a male- were reported between September 3 and 13. The fifth death occurred on September 21. Chief veterinary officer Bageshwar Dr. Kamal Pant said, ” preliminary report suggests that animals had diarrhea.” However we will have to wait for the report from IVRI before We get to know the actual cause.


There are at present 12 Himalayan Musk deer including six female at the centre. Musk deer are primarily valued for their cosmetic and pharmaceutical properties. A survey conducted in the 1990s estimated their population in uttarakhand to be somewhere between 600 to 800. So this alarming shrinking of Musk deer is quite concerning. Environmentalists blame government apathy and forest officials corruption for this sordid state of affairs of Musk deers. They accuse that unholy Nexus of officers and poachers is the root cause of this panic situation.


The cosmetic and pharmaceutical cartels are active in the mountainous state through the poachers. Animals fed with poisonous substance and when dead these are thus given to the poachers. In this way the illicit business of poaching continued unabated in hills.


It’s very costly

 Original Kasturi is very costly in national and international market. According to a rough estimate, one gram of original Musk deer Kasturi cost Rs. 3700. Indra Sugandh Bhandar Real And Pure Kasturi Deer Musk 24 Hours Freshness Long Lasting Fragrance Rollon, 25 Ml cost is Rs. 1500. Indian Kasturi is in very high in China, Thailand, Korea and Japan.

Panacea for many diseases

Deer Musk or Kasturi is dried and used to make medicine. It is boasted that great spirituality can be obtained using Kasthuri. In foods, musk is used as a flavoring. Can Be used for baths and also for burning along with Sambrani. Musk is used as a component of fragrances and as a fixative in perfumes. In animal studies, components of musk reportedly have anti-inflammatory and antihistaminic activity.

More than just as a fragrance, it is really impressive on medicinal uses. Many clinical documents showed that musk-based medicine can rapidly release the acute conditions. More uses about musk can be obtained from internet as not everything can be put here.






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