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Trump’s close aide Nigel Farage blames Biden for political chaos in Afghanistan

London/Bengaluru, Nigel Farage, a former UK Independence Party Leader and close aide of former US President Donald Trump, has blamed US President Joe Biden for the chaotic situation in Afghanistan which will give a flip to domestic terrorism.

Farage lambasted Biden for taking a decision to withdraw the US troops from Afghanistan without consulting the allied nations and making any exit plan for thousands of people working in the crisis-hit nation.

“The point about strategic withdrawal is the need of thinking through as much as advances. Biden did not consult any of the allies. He relied on advice from so-called experts, who said the Afghanistan Army would resist the Taliban. 

And even a few days ago, he was suggested by the US intelligence that Kabul could hold several months, but in the end, the whole thing went off in a space of hours. It is beyond me. It is a total failure of the leadership,” he said in a video posted on his Twitter handle.

Further taking on Biden, Farage said the President’s “America back” policy is the worst policy ever in people’s lifetime as it emboldens jihadis to carry out domestic terrorism.

Farage also rued over the fact that the Western nations have wasted their efforts for the last 20 years in Afghanistan and also much of treasure and blood.

Taking all these into consideration, Farage predicted Biden’s approval ratings further falling. “The approval ratings of Biden have taken a significant plunge just 200 days into his Presidency and the political implications of this are quite significant. To me, Biden has bungled. He has left thousands of people in a very precarious situation,” he said.

Farage also flayed Secretary of State Antony Blinken for declaring Afghanistan is manifestly not Saigon, which was a bid to smother the parallels between the reemergence of Taliban rule and the communist takeover of South Vietnam in 1975. 

“Blinken is right, but in variance with what people believe. The reality is that the situation in Afghanistan is potentially far graver than that triggered by the end of the Vietnam War almost 50 years ago,” he said. 




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