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The main objective of Chalant Lok Adalat is to make people aware: PDJ

Palamu EW News: Bringing awareness of the law to the people of remote areas is the primary goal of Lok Adalat. These remarks were made by the Principal District and Sessions Judge Neeraj Kumar Shrivastava of Palamu. On Wednesday, as per Jhalsa’s directives, Justice On Wheel’s justice chariot program was inaugurated with the hoisting of the green flag. It is known that the Justice Chariot program of Lok Adalat will be conducted in Palamu district from May 1st to May 31st. The justice chariot, with the green flag displayed on Wednesday, was flagged off for Satbarwa block by Principal District and Sessions Judge Neeraj Kumar Shrivastava, District Judge Pratham Vinod Kumar Singh, and others. On the occasion, PDJ said that through the medium of Justice Chariot, people can also reach the District Legal Services Authority by submitting their applications. Secretary of District Legal Services Authority, Arpit Shrivastava, informed that through the Justice Chariot, various small legal issues of the public will be resolved by traveling to different blocks of Palamu from May 1st to May 31st. Applications of the needy will be taken, and their problems will be resolved through appropriate means. He said that through the mobile vehicle, legal awareness programs will be conducted and efforts will be made towards the resolution of various cases in the remote villages and towns of the district. Applications related to their problems will be accepted from the people. Meanwhile, distribution of awareness-related pamphlets will also be done. Engagement with the people of remote areas will increase through the mobile vehicle. He said that besides the programs being conducted by the District Legal Services Authority through the Justice Chariot, information about the facilities available will also be provided. In the mobile vehicle, lawyers of the Legal Aid and Defence Council, along with PLVs, will be present. On the occasion, DJ Abhimanyu Kumar, Prem Nath Pandey, Shankar Maharaj, Sweta Dhingra, Ayesha Khan, CJM Anand Singh, Sandeep Nishit Bara, Shikha Agrawal, Amit Gupta, Nishikant, Permanent Lok Adalat Chairman Ashok Gupta, General Secretary of Palamu District Bar Association Ajay Kumar Pandey, Vice president Binod Tiwari, Treasurer Jay Kishor Pathak, Member Governing Committee Sanjay Kumar Pandey 1,  Chief of Legal Aid and Defense Council Amitabh Chand Singh, Deputy Chief Santosh Kumar Pandey, PLV Muneshwar Ram, Suchita Ekka, Secretary of New Directions Indu Lekha Bhagat, Advocate  Prakash Ranjan, along with many others were present.



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