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The Magnificent Tale of the Chero Dynasty Echoes at Palamu Fort

SANJAY PANDEY: Once the stronghold of the Chero dynasty, the Palamu Fort today stands as a testament to its grandeur, albeit in ruins. Its crumbling walls narrate tales of a glorious past. Today, the fort has become a sanctuary for wildlife. Historians believe that the fort might have once bustled with activity, housing kings, queens, and servants, shaping its ambiance. Walls wide enough for horses to patrol, along with watchtowers, hint at its military significance. The breeze from the Auranga river still whispers tales of dense forests that once surrounded the fort.

Despite its grandeur, the fort saw its share of conflicts. King Medinirai, renowned for his governance, faced numerous challenges. Legend has it that despite repeated attempts, the Mughal emperor Daoud Khan couldn’t capture Medinirai. Eventually, the fort fell into the hands of the Mughals but not before Medinirai shifted to a new stronghold. Today, the ruins of Palamau Fort attract tourists and serve as a habitat for wildlife. Its history, marked by numerous battles and opulent days, remains etched in its stones. The fort, perched atop a hill, has a strategic layout with thick walls and intricate carvings. As nature and time have taken their toll, much of its plasterwork has eroded, revealing the craftsmanship beneath.

Adjacent to the fort lies the Kamaldah Talab, a massive pond built by Medinirai, which still exists today. The remnants of the fort, surrounded by scattered stones and a massive window carved from a single rock, stand as a testament to its rich history. Historians note that in 1771, Captain Jacob Caimac of the British East India Company unsuccessfully attempted to capture the fort. After a fierce battle, the British finally seized the fort, forcing Gopal Rai to retreat. Despite the resistance, the Chero dynasty’s legacy remains alive, reminding the people of Palamau of their illustrious past.



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