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The Launch of Short Film ‘Ud Chali’ with a Message on Family Voting

Sanjay Kumar Pandey

Ranchi EW News : This time, arrangements have been made for day-long voting in the state, from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Voters who queue up at their polling booths before 5:00 PM will be allowed to exercise their franchise. A significant portion of voters, including those reliant on essential services and those committed to their duties on election day, have been provided with the option of postal ballots. These services have been designated as ‘essential services’.

These initiatives were highlighted by the Chief Electoral Officer, Mr. Ravi Kumar, during the launch program of various voter awareness materials at the Election Assembly Hall Auditorium.
He stated that the Election Commission has made arrangements for postal ballots for voters who are more than 85 years old or are differently-abled and unable to visit polling centers. He emphasized that no voter should be left behind, and the Election Commission is working with this goal in mind. Voter awareness materials are being launched to reach every segment of Jharkhand’s population, urging them to become aware, participate, and elevate their involvement in voting.

Launch of Various Awareness Materials:

Short Film ‘Ud Chali’:
On this occasion, a short film titled ‘Ud Chali,’ created by local artists for voter awareness, was released by the Chief Electoral Officer. Directed by Saket Chatterjee from Jharkhand, the film educates people about the importance of elections and each vote. It also emphasizes the importance of voting together as a family before building the nation.

Designing of Slogan ‘Chunav Ka Parv, Desh Ka Garv’ in 8 Local Languages:
The slogan of the Election Commission of India for this Lok Sabha election is “Chunav Ka Parv, Desh Ka Garv.” This slogan has been translated into 8 local languages of Jharkhand, including Nagpuri, Kurukh, Ho, Kharia, Kudukh, Khortha, Mundari, and Santali, and disseminated through posters and banners to reach people in linguistic regions.

Nagpuri Song ‘Chunav Kar Parab, Desh Kar Garb’:
A video song in Nagpuri language, titled ‘Chunav Kar Parab, Desh Kar Garb,’ created by local artists, was also released. This song encourages people from all sections of society, including farmers, elders, youth, and differently-abled individuals, to participate in the elections enthusiastically.

Election-related Caller Tunes and Ringtones:
As part of voter awareness, a video tutorial series has been released, guiding people on all election-related processes, including how to vote from home using postal ballots, for individuals aged over 85 years or with a disability who are unable to visit polling stations.

Unveiling of Coffee Table Book:
During the district-level art festival organized by the District Election Office, artworks created by local artists were compiled into a coffee table book and unveiled.

Slogan ‘Is Bar Din Bhar Voting
In Jharkhand, voting will take place from 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM. To spread this message among the masses, the Election Commission launched the slogan ‘Is Bar Din Bhar Voting, Subah Saat Se Sham Panch Baje.’

Conduction of the Launch Program:
The launch program was conducted by Assistant Chief Electoral Officer and Deputy Chief Electoral Officer for Sweeping Duties, Dev Das Datta. Present at the event were Additional Chief Electoral Officer Dr. Neha Arora, OSD Geeta Choubey, Joint Chief Electoral Officer Subodh Kumar, Deputy Director of IPRD Anand, Deputy Electoral Officer Headquarters Sanjay Kumar, Director of ‘Ud Chali’ Short Film Saket Chatterjee, lyricist and singer of Nagpuri song Sunil Kumar, and their entire teams.



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