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State Orders Firearm Deposit for License Holders Residing Elsewhere

Ranchi EW Correspondent: License holders of firearms, whose licenses are issued from Ranchi district but currently reside in other districts or states, have been ordered to deposit their firearms. This directive was issued by the Deputy Commissioner-cum-District Election Officer of Ranchi, Rahul Kumar Sinha, to ensure that the Lok Sabha (General) elections of 2024 are conducted in a clean, peaceful, and fear-free manner. DC

 Rahul Kumar Sinha has instructed these firearm license holders to deposit their firearms within the next 48 hours at their nearest police station, authorized arms dealers, or valid firearm and cartridge vendor shops.

Furthermore, DC has warned arms license holders from other states and districts residing in Ranchi district to register their weapons locally and deposit them at the nearest police station promptly.

Failure to comply with the order will result in action being taken against the firearm license holders (both from Ranchi district and those from other states/districts) under the appropriate provisions of the firearm regulations.

An order to deposit all firearms by authorized license holders in Ranchi district by April 13, 2024, has already been issued. DC Rahul Kumar Sinha has informed that reports are being received from all police stations in the district, and a list of those who have complied with the firearm deposit directive will be made available. Following this, notices will be issued against those who fail to deposit their firearms, leading to further action.



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