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Strong India now desires a strong government: Narendra Modi

Sanjay Pandey

Palamu EW News : Addressing a political rally at the Chiaki airstrip premises in the district headquarters, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the face of India has changed today. He emphasized on the strategic strikes as examples of infiltrating enemy territories. Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that a robust India now seeks a robust government. He mentioned his 25 years of experience in public service, stating that not a single corruption allegation has been leveled against him during his tenure as Chief Minister and Prime Minister. He declared that he was born for the mission, not for leisure. PM Modi said, “My only heir is the entire population of India.” He expressed his wish to leave behind a developed India for the future generations. Prime Minister Narendra Modi asserted that he has lived poverty and derived every welfare scheme from his life experiences. He stressed that those who haven’t seen their mothers cooking amidst smoke wouldn’t understand poverty. PM Narendra Modi claimed that his ten years of service have lifted 250 million people out of poverty, which he considers his strength and capital. He remarked on the transformation of aspirational districts, ensuring every household has a solid roof over their heads. He urged people to report any unfinished houses so that they could be completed in the next phase. Narendra Modi assured continued efforts for the bright future of the people and their children. He announced plans for nationwide tribal celebrations on the 50th birth anniversary of Birsa Munda in the year 2025. BJP candidate BD Ram, legislature party leader Amar Bauri, Balmukund Sahay, MLA Alok Chaurasia, MLA Shashibhushan Mehta, MLA Bhanu Pratap Shahi, NCP MLA Kamlesh Singh, former mayor Aruna Shankar, BJP MLA Pushpa Devi, Ramchandra on the platform of PM Narendra Modi.



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