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Sonu Sood came forward to help national shooter Konica Layak sent a German rifle worth 2.5 lakhs

Dhanbad,Bollywood actor Sonu Sood, who emerged as a helper of the people in the lockdown, has sent a German rifle worth 2.5 lakh rupees to Konika Layak, the national shooter of Dhanbad. Not having a rifle of her own, Konika had to borrow from friends to play tournaments. The Hindustan newspaper published Konika’s troubles prominently. Konika had sought help from Sonu Sood by tweeting the news of Hindustan.

The financial condition of Dhanbad’s national level player Konika Layak was not such that she could buy her own rifle. Sometimes she used to participate in tournaments by asking friends. On March 10, Sonu Sood had promised to give a rifle to Konika by tweeting. Due to the arrival of this rifle from Germany, there was a delay in reaching Dhanbad. Konika told that on June 24, this rifle reached her. Konika said that Sonu Sood himself had talked to him by video call. Now she will be able to practice diligently.

Konika had made a request from minister to MLA to get the rifle

Konika told that she requested the Sports Minister Amar Bauri to meet the local MP to buy the rifle. But nobody helped. Seeing the continuous help being given by Sonu Sood on TV, he asked for help by tweeting. Konika has won more than a dozen medals at the state level. In the National Tournament in 2017, Konika scored the most points for Jharkhand.

Konika will go to Kolkata to practice after the lockdown. Konika told that Sonu Sood has arranged for her training in Kolkata. Konika will take training at the international class Jaideep Karmakar Shooting Academy in Kolkata. Sonu Sood will also bear the cost of this.




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