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Robin Sahni a 12th class student first made fruit and vegetable generated electricity and now battery made from cement and zinc

West Singhbhum, Robin Sahani, son of Jalindra Sahani, a resident of Potka, Chakradharpur, West Singhbhum, has invented more than one new invention and that too economical.

These days Robin is in discussion with his own battery made from cement and zinc. Podahat SDO Abhijeet Sinha appreciating his effort and assured him of all possible cooperation. Even before this Robin has shown fruits and vegetables as well as detergent powder by removing electricity and lighting the bulb.

Apart from this, Robin has prepared pure paper from cucumber peel and waste paper. Robin tells that he has made a 10 volt battery using cement, zinc wire, carbon rod, etc. With this, the LED bulb can be easily lit. He also showed the bulb by lighting it.

Robin’s father, originally from Darbhanga in Bihar, roams around on foot in Chakradharpur and sells sweets for children. Robin is a Class XII Arts student at Marwari College, Darbhanga. Due to poor financial condition of the house, he is pursuing his studies by taking arts.

Robin tells that from the time he was in class six, he got the desire to become a scientist. He used to show the model of his experiment in science exhibition. Robin has been with his father in Chakradharpur for the last one and a half years to help his father and while staying at home, he does various experiments along with studies.




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