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Situation will be clear from caste census: Satish Kumar

Palamu. AJSU Party had made its position clear long back on caste census in Jharkhand state.

The AJSU party has made a demand from the central and state government in favor of the caste census.

AJSU Party’s central president Sudesh Kumar Mahato, while questioning the 2021 census, said that in the census book, preparations are going on to deprive 54 percent of the state’s population from the rights and entitlements, removed the backward class column in the booklet. has gone. Due to this, there will be social, economic and political loss to the poor.Not only the state, but a section of the entire country will have to be deprived of the right from education, health, employment.

Caste census will be a great tool to know the ground reality. Information about the current status of the backward castes and their sub-castes, scheduled castes, scheduled tribes, minority castes will play an important role in determining the policy to be made for their upliftment.

(EW Correspondent)



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