Tokyo, Chinese boxer Hu Jianguan, the Rio bronze medalist, ended his journey at the Tokyo Olympics on Saturday after his match against Japanese boxer Ryomei Tanaka was stopped for medical reasons.
After the first round, Tanaka was ahead on 3 out of 5 judges. A doctor was asked to check Hu’s injury three times in the second round as there were cuts in Hu’s ear, eyebrow and forehead. Finally, the match was stopped for medical reasons, leaving Hu a 3-1 defeat.

“I’ll take care of my injuries and compete in the upcoming National Games of China. Hopefully, I’ll see you in Paris,” Hu said.

“Other Chinese boxers should forget about the loss and keep fighting harder. That’s spirit of the Olympics,” Zhang Chuanliang, chairman of the Chinese Boxing Federation, told Xinhua.

After his first win in the tournament against Georgian opponent Sakhil Alakhverdovi, Hu said a gold is his only option while revealing his expectation toward Tokyo 2020.