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Railway Minister Conducts Comprehensive Safety Review, Implements Fortnightly Safety Action Plan

New Delhi, EW News:  To enhance the safety measures of the Indian Railways, the Minister of Railways Ashwini Vaishnaw conducted a detailed review meeting with key stakeholders. The meeting included board members of the Ministry of Railways, zonal officials, divisional officials, and representatives from the Research Design and Standards Organization (RDSO).

The comprehensive discussion covered a range of safety aspects crucial to the efficient and secure operation of the Indian Railways. Notably, the Minister placed particular emphasis on automatic signaling, recognizing its pivotal role in ensuring safe train operations. The discussion delved into strategies to enhance automatic signaling systems to further elevate the safety standards across the railway network.

Long hours of crews, an aspect integral to the smooth functioning of train services, were also highlighted during the meeting. The Minister addressed concerns related to crew fatigue and explored ways to implement measures that would optimize working hours without compromising safety.

Yard modernization and safety in yard infrastructure emerged as key focus areas, with the Minister stressing the need for modernization initiatives to keep pace with technological advancements. The discussion also included plans to bolster safety measures in yard infrastructure to minimize risks and enhance overall operational safety.

The Minister directed attention to dust management, recognizing its impact on railway infrastructure and safety. A dedicated team for dust management was discussed to ensure the cleanliness and safety of railway tracks and facilities.

In a directive, the Minister instructed the formulation of a fortnightly safety action plan. This plan is intended to be a proactive approach to continuously assess and address safety concerns. Regular reviews of the safety action plan will be conducted to ensure its effectiveness in mitigating potential risks and enhancing safety standards.

This initiative reflects the Ministry of Railways’ commitment to prioritizing the safety of passengers and the workforce. By engaging with various stakeholders and implementing a structured safety action plan, the Ministry aims to create a robust and proactive safety framework for the Indian Railways, reinforcing its position as one of the largest and safest railway networks in the world.



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