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Rahul Attends Speaking Art Fest, Affirms Rising Stature of the Fest

Rahul Gandhi’s Affirmation: Elevating the Status of Speaking Art Fest

Renowned author Taslima Nasreen’s visit enriched the fest

Enriching Experiences: Notable Highlights from the Speaking Art Fest

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The Speaking Art Fest, a burgeoning celebration of creativity and artistic expression, recently welcomed a distinguished visitor, Congress MP Shri Rahul Gandhi. The event, held at the iconic AIFACS in the historic Lutyens zone, has swiftly become a focal point for art enthusiasts and visual artists alike.

During his visit, Mr. Gandhi was captivated by the exquisite portraits of Indian saints, a testament to the exceptional talent on display at the Speaking Art Fest. His appreciation for the portrayal of these revered figures underscores the profound impact art has in bridging cultures and honoring heritage.

The Speaking Art Foundation, a Non-profit Organisation, meticulously organized the event, adhering to stringent international standards, further solidifying its position as a standout in the art world. The fest’s commitment to quality and excellence has attracted luminaries such as Padma Bhushan Ram V. Sutar, Shri Roopchand, Padam Shri Biman Bihari Das, Shri Ashok Bhowmick, Prof. (Dr.) Sanjeev Verma, and now, Rahul Gandhi.

Mr. Gandhi’s presence, despite a demanding schedule, demonstrates his dedication to supporting the arts and celebrating India’s rich cultural heritage. Interacting with the artists and immersing himself in their creations, he added a special charm to the fest.

The second day of the event saw a surge in footfall as art collectors and buyers descended upon the venue, creating a dynamic atmosphere for participating artists. Internationally acclaimed artist Shakti Singh Ahlawat’s live portrait workshop was a major highlight, drawing a diverse crowd of art enthusiasts and fellow artists.

Renowned author Taslima Nasreen’s visit further enriched the fest, providing artists with invaluable insights and inspiration, reinforcing the Speaking Art Fest’s reputation as a vital hub for artistic exchange.

With Rahul Gandhi’s endorsement and the fest’s commitment to excellence, the Speaking Art Fest is poised to ascend even higher in the echelons of the global art community.

About Speaking Art Foundation:
The Speaking Art Foundation is a Non-profit Organisation dedicated to promoting creativity and artistic expression. By adhering to international standards, the foundation curates events like the Speaking Art Fest to showcase the diverse talent of visual artists and foster a vibrant community of art enthusiasts, said Neeraj Sharma and Remi Poddar (Directors)who conceptualised this Art Fest.




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