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Patients and relatives trapped in the lift of MGM Hospital for one and a half hours, uproar in the medical ward

Seven women and men were trapped for about one and a half hours in the lift of the medical ward at MGM Hospital at around 7 pm on Wednesday. The incident happened while coming down from the third floor. The lift had stopped midway before coming to the ground floor. Due to this stoppage, there was a ruckus in the medical ward, as the people trapped in the lift were making noise.

Despite this, the lift operator or other hospital staff did not reach for help. The technician was informed about the lift closure an hour later. By then the people trapped in the lift had somehow come out themselves. Had there been a lift operator, the patients or their families would not have had this problem. 

On the other hand, there is talk of evacuating everyone by the lift operator itself, but it was not confirmed. According to the information, people trapped in the lift and standing outside were asking for help from the health workers passing by, but no one tried to open the lift. There was also a heart patient in the lift at that time. 

All others were such patients and their relatives, who had gone to meet or were getting down from the lift to go home after being discharged. It is discussed that the lift technician reached the spot after everyone left, but did not try to fix the lock of the lift. Other people started moving from the ward through the ladder.

(EW Correspondent)



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