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Over three-fourths of US Republicans want Trump to run for President in 2024 – Poll

Washington, US Republicans are warming to a possible run by Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential election, with 78 percent saying they want the former president to seek another term in the White House, a Quinnipiac University poll said.

“While a majority of Americans say, ‘been there, done that’ about Trump, and half feel he has damaged the underpinnings of democracy, support for the former president within the GOP has grown,” Quinnipiac polling analyst Tim Malloy said in a press release summarizing the poll.

By a 78 – 16 percent margins, Republicans say they want to see Trump run again for president in 2024, compared to 66 – 30 percent in May, the release said.

But Republican enthusiasm for Trump fails to extend beyond their party, with 51 percent of the overall electorate saying that the former president has been undermining US democracy since he was first elected in 2016, the release added.

The poll also attempted to gauge support for President Joe Biden, with Americans giving Biden a negative 37 – 52 percent job approval rating, according to the release.

(EW correspondent)



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