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Online class going on for the students of NPU Mass Com.

Ranchi: Presenting the thoughts or personality of a person to the readers through your questions is called an interview.  It is also called interview because interviews are conducted face to face.  If ever interviews are conducted by mobile phone also.  Online classes are going on for the students of MJMC course session 2021-23 conducted by the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication of NPU.  Press law expert and senior journalist Sanjay Pandey is giving very interesting information on journalism to the students through online medium.  Sanjay Pandey said that the subject of the interview can be any person.  Here the meaning of saying ‘any person’ is that if you do not think that a person is famous only then he is eligible for interview. Ordinary person can also be eligible for an interview. Yes, we have to keep in our mind that whatever we  present in front of the reader should be in the interest of the readers. It does not only increases the knowledge of the reader but entertains as well. Journalist Sanjay told that interviewing is also an art. In the context of modern journalism, it’s an art. There have been some hard facts behind considering the interview in journalism. It does not just represent the formal conversation between two persons or several persons, but penetrates into the person and throws out many things in between, which he confines in his life. If this art is in the person interviewing, then it is the person who is being interviewed about different phase of life, experiences and can open up the surroundings.  He told that there are three types of interview, first person interview, second interview of many people on a topic and a form of discussion in third group of interview.  We can also write interview in two ways.  One in the form of a feature and the second in a questionable style.  Overall, from a technical point of view, interview refers to knowing the thoughts of a particular person through questions and bringing them in front of the readers.  Many interesting information related to this topic was given to the students with examples.





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