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Gumla: Ayushman card available, yet helpless farmer father is forced to take loan for the treatment of cancer suffering son.

Gumla: In male ward of Gumla Sadar Hospital, Jharkhand, 19-year-old son of Soma Oraon, resident of Kumharia Depatoli, is undergoing treatment due to cancer. There is a lack of blood in his body. Due to which family has admitted him to Sadar Hospital Gumla two days back. DS Dr. AK Oraon said that the patient will be sent to RIMS, Ranchi for treatment.

On the reference of Prabhat Khabar representative Jolly Vishwakarma, blood was made available by contacting Rakesh Kumar Singh, Lab Technician of Blood Bank Gumla. Father Soma Oraon told that one and a half year ago he got information about cancer in his son’s leg in Ranchi, they treated him in Ranchi for a long time. Chemo Rinchi has been hospitalized four times till yet. In April, he was sent home by doctors in the lockdown called due to Corona. After a few days, his feet started to swell and at the same time, one of his eyes has been blacked out. After which he has been admitted him to the hospital.

His father said that in one and a half year they had spent more than three lakh rupees. Soma Oraon is a farmer and he’s taking money from his relatives in getting him treated. He has six children, in which there are four daughters and two sons. Among them Somnath Oraon is suffering from cancer. His financial condition has become unstable due to illness.
In Ranchi’s Rinchi Hospital, only medicines have been given through Ayushman card. Other than that no treatment has been done. He has appealed to the general public for cooperation. In this regard, DS Dr Anand Kishore Oraon said that if the said youth is suffering from cancer, then his treatment is not possible in Sadar Hospital. He will be referred to RIMS Ranchi without immediate blood transfusion, where it can be treated.

(EW Correspondent)



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